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The popularity of virtual reality in the entertainment domain is known to all. However, that is not the end of it. Professional or academic training that uses virtual reality is also grabbing the attention of industry leaders and progressive thinkers. It has been observed that people are more perceptive and responsive to training that is interactive and intuitive. This is the reason why traditional classroom training seems to have low retention rates. We believe that virtual reality applications play a pivotal role in helping companies to train their workforce.

Virtual reality software possesses unique capabilities of creating scenarios that closely replicate real-time environments. Virtual reality solutions can replicate scenarios and processes that provide a feel of on-the-job environment without endangering the safety of the workforce. We have witnessed that in many cases the liberty of failing safety tests intrigues the workforce and helps in instilling core concepts in a short span of time.

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CHRP-INDIA helps customers to take advantage of:

A hazard free environment, providing near-real experiences that allow the user to make mistakes and learn about the consequences.
Wearable technology and parts of physical equipment that make the learning experience more real.
Haptic feedback which helps users to realize the wrong moves and allows them to make the right choices.
Helps to analyze performance by providing reports to track progress and performance.
Multilingual support allows the user to understand the instructions better.
The accident scenarios or test cases are presented through a dynamic process that does not allow the user to guess what is coming.

Key Areas where we focus:

  •   Operations Training
  •   Work Safety Training
  •   Services Training
  •   Maintence Training
  •   Industrial Process
  •   XR Experience
  •   Fire Safety


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Our creative Virtual Reality training modules address skill & safety training in all core industrial sectors


Virtual Reality Applications

Virtual Reality Working on Heights

Working at high altitude workstations can be tricky from a safety standpoint. Virtual reality safety training ensures that the workforce is safe while experiencing near-life threats.

Virtual Reality Safety Loto

Ensuring work safety before any service and maintenance cycle is very important. Virtual reality simulations ensure there are no loopholes left untouched. The Virtual Reality equipment is programmed to provide haptic feedback to users, giving them a red flag when wrong choices are made.

Virtual Reality Industrial Process and Design

Virtual reality in manufacturing, civil engineering, manufacturing, provides an interactive tutorial using best in class off simulations. Machine operators get a feel of the equipment they are going to use through joysticks and pedals provided. Jerky movements are imitated through haptic feedback.

Virtual Reality Fire Safety Training

Provide hands-on experience through virtual reality fire safety training Applications, using some of the real equipment, and providing the actual feel of firefighting.

Virtual Reality Safety Training During Operational Work

Working in high-temperature work environments is very unsafe by nature. The person working in these environments must be aware of high safety standards. Virtual reality-based training allows the users to quickly identify the consequences of wrong moves and stops them from taking unnecessary actions at the workplace.

We’ve worked on hundred of scenarios and modules.
Key functionalities include

  • Height Safety
  • Consequences of not following proper procedures
  • Fire and Emergency Training
  • Maintenance, Troubleshooting & etc
  • Industrial Process
  • LOTO Safety
  • Road Safety
  • Confined Space safety

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